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    One-day seminar that starts you on the path to opening doors to your community.


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    A safe peer-driven learning environment which equips pastors and leaders for transformation.



    Trained TCN coaches will guide you through the right steps that are unique for your church.


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    TCN experts will assess your strengths and challenges and give you specific instructions on how to start a new life cycle for your church.


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    A two-year introductory process delivered in four seasons that equips your entire church to engage your community with the Gospel.

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    What's New Catching Vision now in print! Check out Seasons of Discovery! Also check out Natural Evangelism! ....Continue Reading

    Adaptive Leadership: Leading Courageously and Living to Tell About It.

      Organization:  4-6 Senior Pastors meeting monthly online for 90 minutes  Sessions:  April 21 – November 17, 2015  Application Deadline:  April 1, 2015  Program Fee:  $500  LC Facilitator:  Rev. Dr. Terry Tieman, Executive Director, TCN   Course Overview:    In this Learning Community series, we will focus on the dynamics and practices of Adaptive Leadership. Adaptive Leadership helps people face problems that require new learning and change if their organization is to thrive anew. Adaptive challenges push us beyond our current expertise and ways of doing things. Previous TCN Learning Communities have focused on engaging the mission of the church. In most congregations, engaging in effective mission is an....Continue Reading

    A letter from one of our TCN Coaches

    From: Paul Kritsch <paulkritsch@hotmail.com> Subject: Some Things to Think About Date: February 28, 2015 at 10:08:28 AM CST   If you live in Tennessee, you'll know that every place, from the biggest city to the smallest town, claims to be the home of country music. Union County where Dorothy and I live is no different. This is the "Cradle of Country Music," the home of Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Kenny Chesney, Lois Johnson, and Carl Smith. If you're not a fan of country music, trust me. These are among the all-time greats. For such a small county, this is truly amazing.Union County is also among the poorest....Continue Reading