TCN Church Assessment: Survey and Report

Building Community to Reach Communities

TCN is excited to announce the opportunity for pastors/churches in the TCN process to participate in the Church Assessment. Through participating in this assessment, you will receive insightful feedback on how your congregants score you and your church on the 8 Hinge Factors, which have been confirmed statistically to impact your effectiveness in outreach to the community.

Information is power, and our goal is to empower you and your congregation to reach your community with the Gospel. The Church Assessment will help you understand your strengths and how to capitalize on them, while learning how to build up the areas where improvement is needed.

The 8 Hinge Factors we are focusing on include:

Pastor Factors Church Factors
Empowering God’s People Community Outreach
Personal Leadership Focused Prayer
Visionary Leadership Functional Board
Bridge-Building Leadership Inspiring Worship

Coaching is a vital part of helping your congregation to make the transformation to becoming more effective at sharing the Gospel with those who need to know Christ. The Church Assessment will be an invaluable tool for you and your coach, as you work together to build skills and sharpen focus while strengthening accountability! For more information on coaching or how to get into a coaching relationship, contact TCN’s Coaching Coordinator, Scott Gress at

How it works: Your church members (minimum of 30 to 75 depending on the number of your regular worship attendance) will take a 10-15 minute on-line survey. Paper surveys may be ordered as well. When the surveys are completed and the assessment is finished, you will receive a diagnostic assessment which will give you insights on how you are doing in each competency. You will also see how your results compare to the average scores of other churches in the TCN process. You and your coach will also receive a personal phone debrief of your assessment with the developer of this tool, Dwight Marable, TCN Coordinator for Research and Resources.

A copy of a sample Hinge Factor report is available by following this link: Sample Hinge Factor Report

For rate information and to purchase the Church Survey and Report for your church, please click on the following link: Church Survey and Report